Summer Institute Classes

TV News:
The broadcast sessions will combine classroom instruction in news and film production and hands-on training. Classes will include media law, writing for broadcast news, programming and basic production and editing. Students will write, shoot and edit news packages on the Institute.

Literary Magazine:
Students will learn the basics of literary magazine production, focusing on staff organization, content, feature and poetry writing and design. Students will apply their knowledge in the production of an Institute mini-magazine.

Participants will generate story ideas, practice their own writing, develop principles of layout and design and create advertising approaches. They will also study staff organization and learn proper treatment of legal and ethical issues.

The Rush:
Newspaper participants will gain hands-on experience by writing, editing, designing and producing The Rush, the Institute student newspaper.

Design I and II:
Design I focuses on InDesign skills. Students and advisers who take this class have limited or no previous experience with InDesign.

Design II focuses on advanced desktop publishing skills, such as scanning images and preparing images for reproduction. Other topics will include infographics, new software and plug-ins. Students who take this class must be proficient in the use of the computer and page layout.

Photojournalism I and II:
Photojournalism will focus on technical quality, composition and production. Students will have the opportunity to work with digital cameras.

The primary focus will be on producing well-composed photos high in technical quality. Participation is limited to two per school, with a maximum enrollment of 22.

Editors and staffers will study theme development, copy preparation, editing, design — both manual and computer-aided — and photography.

Students will plan the books their staffs will produce, learning how to work with their publishers, how to develop skilled advertising and business practices and how to understand legal issues.

Online News:
Online news will combine classroom instruction and hands-on production. Students will learn WordPress basics and how to write for the web. They will collect, aggregate and post online content produced by students in other NCSMI divisions. Participation is limited, with a maximum enrollment of 22.

Adviser Training:
Advisers may sign up for this division or for any other. In the advisers’ group, teachers will learn all areas of dealing with student publications.