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NCSMI 2024 registration is now open.

Students and teachers are invited each year to enroll in the North Carolina Scholastic Media Institute offered through the UNC-Chapel Hill Hussman School of Journalism and Media. The 2024 Institute will be offered June 20-22 at UNC-Chapel Hill.

The Institute is open to journalism teachers and media advisers and to students who are rising ninth-graders through 12th-graders.

NCSMI is a residential summer Institute for school groups only. Individual students may attend the day camp, but parents/guardians must drop off and pick up.

  • The 2024 Summer Institute will feature the following divisions:
    • Design
    • Literary Magazine
    • News (Newspaper and Online News)
    • Photojournalism
    • The Rush Staff
    • Broadcast News
    • Yearbook
    • Advising Student Media

Students will enroll in one of seven divisions. Advisers may enroll in any of those divisions, or they may enroll in the advising division. The Rush staff of up to 12 advanced students will produce the Institute’s official news site, The Rush. Students who participate in broadcast news will produce the Institute’s newscast. The schedule will include instructional sessions for each division, along with additional sessions featuring special guest speakers, award ceremonies, creativity, investigative reporting and leadership boot camps, a trivia challenge and more.

Deadline to register is June 1, but registration will close early if enrollment reaches capacity.

Registration fee is $200 per person until the May 1 early bird deadline. Registration after May 1 is $300 per person. (Workshop scholarship deadline is May 15. See the Summer Institute Guide below for details.)

Advisers who register four or more students will receive a private room. Adviser registration fee will be waived for advisers who register 10 or more students. Any other single room accommodations will incur a $100 additional fee – if space is available. After you complete the registration form found in tab above, visit

Commuter Groups
NCSMI 2024 will welcome commuter school groups chaperoned by a journalism teacher or student media adviser. One bus pass per school group will be provided for those wishing to commute. After you complete the registration form found in tab above, visit

NCSMI One-Day Day Camp
NCSMI 2024 will include a day camp for up to 25 individual students in the Chapel Hill area. Participants are invited to join NCSMI programs on June 21 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will be given an opportunity to experience pre-set sessions from each of the sequences. Parents/Guardians must accompany students to registration and check out. Students may not drive their own cars; parking will not be provided. Students are required to provide their own meals. Day camp fee is $150 per person by June 1. After you complete the registration form found in tab above, visit

NCSMA will follow up with more information about release and conduct requirements. We will forward to all advisers UNC Protection of Minors and COVID-19 requirements when the information is made available to us.

Ready to Join Us?
Teachers, register your students online through the Forms and Registration tab on this Institute page. The form will direct you to pay online.

Refer to the Summer Institute Guide below. Email us at NCSMA@UNC.EDU.

For Advisers:

Have questions about the the Institute? Check out our Summer Institute Guide:

For Parents and Guardians:

The following provides information for parents and guardians:

Register Here:

Teachers, you will register your group for NCSMI 2024 here:

NCSMI One-Day Day Camp participants will register here:

Registration for #NCSMI2024 is now open and closes on June 1. No registrations will be accepted after June 1. If enrollment exceeds capacity, registration will close before June 1. 



NCSMI News is the annual recap of the Institute written, shot and edited by students. Taking part in the production teaches students involved about writing for broadcast news, programming and basic production and editing.

Photo Show

The NCSMI Photo Show displays the photography shot by students in the photojournalism course to document the Institute.

The Rush

The Rush helps students gain hands-on experience by writing, editing, designing and producing the institute’s student newspaper as well as telling other stories of the Institute via digital media platforms.

The Rush Online

The Rush Online combines classroom instruction and hands-on production. Students will learn WordPress basics and how to write for the web. They will collect, aggregate and post online content produced by students in other NCSMI divisions.