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Need-based scholarships

NCSMI will award five full-tuition diversity scholarships, five full-tuition financial-aid scholarships, one full-tuition leadership scholarship and one full-tuition press rights scholarship. These Institute scholarships will be applied toward the $200 registration fee.

Applicants may write short letters or emails discussing their career aims and why they want to attend NCSMI. Or advisers may write supporting letters or emails stating why their students should receive the award. Applications should be received by May 15. Note: Priority will be given to those applications received by May 1.

Financial Aid
Four of the five $200 financial-aid scholarships are named in memory of NCSMA associates:

  • The Elizabeth Anna Windsor Scholarship. In memory of the daughter of Salem adviser Kay Windsor and her husband. Elizabeth died Oct. 11, 1996.
  • The Oran Perry Scholarship. In memory of longtime Kinston High adviser Oran Perry, who died Feb. 3, 1998.
  • The Paula Carole Faircloth Scholarship. In memory of the daughter of Clinton High adviser Mary Lou Faircloth and her husband.
  • John Bittner Scholarship. In memory of the former UNC-CH professor of electronic communication.

Diversity. Five NCSMI scholarships are available to students from diverse backgrounds.

Leadership/Press Rights. These $200 Institute scholarships were established in February 2005.

  • The Chuck Stone Institute Scholarship for Courage of the Press. Named in honor of former UNC-CH professor who was an advocate for student press rights. This scholarship is given to a student who respects student press freedoms.
  • The Richard Cole Institute Scholarship for Editorial Leadership. Recognizes a student who has exhibited exemplary leadership. Cole is a former director of NCSMA. During his 26 years as dean of the j-school, he hailed the association as one of the most important outreach efforts of the School.