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Celebrating 75 years of NCSMI in 2016

As NCSMI approaches its 75th anniversary next year, we’re preparing to celebrate our long history. A website and book will help us take a look back at the past, while “where are they now?” and “75 legends,” to be unveiled throughout the year, will focus in on the individuals who were instrumental to NCSMI’s success through the decades.

We’ve also taken a look back at the origins of the Institute and some of its interesting history. A few things that we’ve uncovered: As a UNC junior, Stuart Rabb first came up with the concept of a summer institute for high school students in N.C. With help from Mac Smith, editor in chief of The Daily Tar Heel, as well as sponsorship from the paper, the North Carolina Scholastic Press Institute was founded in 1936.

Although there are many students, directors and professors who were, and continue to be extremely important to the ongoing success of NCSMI, one interesting individual we’ve discovered in our research is Lucy Jane Hunter. Hunter was one of the first women on The Daily Tar Heel’s all-male staff, and she served as the assistant director of the program in 1939, and her involvement proved instrumental in NCSPI’s third year.

We look forward to celebrating this milestone, and hope you’ll join us in honoring our past.


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